How to go all the way blonde? Will my hair tumble out?

Question by wendy s: How to go all the way blonde? Will my hair tumble out?
So my hair is at the moment highlighted a light blonde, some highlights are bleach blonde. With purple streaks leftover from dying my hair red a long time in the past. Now I’m obtaining roots and wanna just dye my total head blonde. I went to Sally’s and acquired things to eliminate the pink in my hair by adding it to my shampoo and conditioner or by adding it to my dye things. I acquired ion lightest natural golden blonde Along with 40 volume devoloper from Sally’s.
Will the blonde flip out dark? How lengthy need to I go away it in? I read dying wet hair performs much better too.. Support and guidelines? Will my hair fall out and have bald places? lol..

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Solution by smilee
No your hair will not slide out. It might be a little broken but absolutely nothing that a very good deep conditioner can’t resolve. I constantly use ion dye from Sally’s. Did you get the demi or the everlasting? I normally get demi, but considering that you are heading lighter you would almost certainly want everlasting. To make the coloration hold go away it in for an extra fifteen minutes and use a truly higher numbered developer like perhaps a 40. This need to aid your shade keep, despite the fact that the increased the developer the more destroyed your hair. Ion is a fantastic hair dye. Best of luck to you))

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  1. Sur La Mer

    I have no idea who had been giving you advice, but right now you’ve got more chemicals on your hair than I have in a year. YES your hair will fall out, eventually, if not frequent headaches, like I did!

    Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

    It could take months, years before you realized what chemicals can do to the brain, or body. Others have hair falls, just weeks after, if they’re piling in one chemical after the other. I’ve responded to many girls (guys now too) under 15 experiencing in hair loss since 2009, due to hair straightening, relaxers and hair dyes. Women 60-90 have those same symptoms but it took them years to get there. But for 15 & under, giving advice here? They can’t predict the future of their hairs, until they’re in their 30’s, but 15 & under with hair loss? C’mon! I’ve responded 7 in 2 hours 9-3-10, (before school started) 4 in 1hour 3-5-11 alone. 3 in 1hr. 8-8-11, 6 in 15 mins. 11-10-11.

    Google: January Jones: “My Hair Is Falling Out In Clumps”… 1-28-13 To quote Joni Mitchell, “you don’t know what you got till your thick hair is gone.”

    “Dyeing hair like JLo turned out to be disaster”: Nicole Scherzinger
    Published: Saturday, Nov 24, 2012, 16:40 IST
    Google Salon Hair Dye Lawsuits. About 336,000 results (0.17 seconds) Dec. 2011
    When it comes to hair care treatments, product use or visits to a salon or spa, the consumer must take responsibility to do their homework and be aware of all the risks involved.
    Vanessa Minnillo Lachey: “I dated a guy once who wanted me to have blonde hair. Clearly, he was the wrong guy for me! I went to a lady who bleached my hair and it literally fell out. So, not only did I go back to my natural hair, I broke up with the guy!”
    Another example posted on YA! 8-20-12. Is it just me or does xxl live max blonde make your scalp feel like it on fire? I’ve recently used a max blonde on my hair and I had to wash it wash off straight away because my scalp felt like it was on fire has this happend to anyone else? Should I try again?
    One example: MY HAIR DRESSER DYED MY HAIR GREY. I’ve been crying for the last 2 hours, I want to kill that bish for destroying what was amazing bleach blonde hair. AND to make things worse, she cut my extensions WAY too short.
    And one from a hairdresser:
    There are spots ( level 8 & very orange) and they will not come off! This was accidental. Not a result from lifting as she has been a client of mine for 3 years. Her formula has never changed and I have nEver used bleach on her until today! I believe this was a result of left over color in the sink bowl. I tried bleach and 20 volume. Nothing. Bleach and 40 volume, still nothing. Any suggestions?

    “23 years old Rihanna is well known for changing her hairstyle and hair colour on a regular basis and it looks as though all those treatments have finally begun to take their toll on her mane and perhaps her common sense.” US Showbiz 2-18-12 Rihanna has reportedly paid $ 23,500 for an emergency haircut after hers was ruined in a sauna, to fly out hair stylist from L.A. to London..The Province 3-1-12. She wore a long haired blonde wig during the Grammy 2-10-13.

    A WOMAN was temporarily blinded when her face swelled up “like a football” following what she told was a severe reaction to hair dye.

    Carmen Rowe, 25, from Swansea was hospitalised for three days after using the Clairol ‘Nice n’ Easy’ natural black colour. She said: “I lost my job, all for the sake of a glamorous hairstyle. I just want to warn parents what could happen.” She claimed she carried out a skin test 48 hours before using the dye without a problem and has been colouring her hair since she was 13. March 3, 2012.

    Style meets chemistry meets biology: We’re talking hair coloring.

    Playing with chemicals is not like playing with clothes, or doing a manicure, there are penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye jobs to their clients or their own hair.

  2. I’m a licensed cosmetologist. If you already have hair dye on your hair and you are looking to apply a lighter color over the top, it most likely wont even look different at all. It’s like trying to color a black paper with a yellow marker. You said you have some left over red streaks. Those pieces of hair are most likely going to turn out a different color than the rest of your hair if you try applying the chemicals all over your head. Since that part of your hair is a different color, it lightens at a different speed than the rest of your hair. You are most likely going to have to use bleach to get your hair to a blonde color. I don’t know what color your hair is right now, but since you already have blonde highlights, you have to avoid applying bleach to the already lightened hair because it will definitely get damaged if you leave chemicals on there as long as you do the rest of your hair.
    Something you can TRY (depending on the lightness/darkness of your hair right now) is a bleach wash. It’s not as harsh on your hair, but it subtly lightens the hair. If you mix bleach with half the amt of developer it calls for along with shampoo for the other half.. it makes a bleach wash. Then you put it on your hair like shampoo. Work it through your hair evenly or else you will have some unevenness.
    If you do have virgin hair except the blonde highlights and red highlights, try applying bleach ONLY to the red areas to remove the color from it. I would try and avoid 40 vol. developer. It can be very damaging. 30 vol. is enough strength for this. 40 vol is for high lift and you don’t need it to lift too much with it having red on it. And just so you know.. the quicker you try and lighten your hair.. (with higher vol. developer or multiple applications of bleach/color), the more damaged your hair is going to be. Just take it easy and let your hair do it’s thing slowly so you don’t fry your hair off. I don’t know the condition of your hair so it’s hard to say how much chemical your hair can stand, but in general, 40 vol. is for extreme cases.
    After you have lightened the red down to a blonde color, you can either apply the blonde color you bought and put it over the top to get the color right, or you can buy a toner. (I suggest you do this.. because bleaching your hair is already going to give it a golden/yellowy color. Probably more than you want. A toner will make it less fire-like.) If you do choose to get a toner, get one with a violet base. If you ask someone at Sally’s, they should be able to help you.
    Ok, so after you have lightened the red to the color you want, you can try and lighten the rest of your hair. DO NOT apply bleach over the top of the already lightened highlights. Again, you will most likely need a toner to tone down any yellow/orange tones. The heat from your head is going to make the bleach/color process quicker. So you most likely will have lighter hair at the scalp if you hare not careful. The ends of your hair are the most porous, which means they are fragile and process quickly as well. Watch the ends of your hair along with any other areas that process quicker. Feel free to wash out certain areas (with a squirt bottle and a rag or something) so that they don’t over-process.

    There are so many precautions when you are trying to lighten your hair. I suggest you just talk to a licensed cosmetologist who can look at your hair and give you some suggestions so you don’t mess your hair up. They do this kind of thing on a normal basis, so they will be able to tell what you should do to keep your hair in good condition, but to get the color you desire.

    good luck!