How to handle Alopecia Areata?…shampoos& conditioner,what vegie?

Query by lany: How to deal with Alopecia Areata?…shampoos& conditioner,what vegie?
I have an alopecia areata,tiny spot on my head. From a single spot ofmy hair i decline some hair,but when one ior two it grows back again. And when months goes by another place on my head it unfastened some and grows back again. It repeatly everytime. It all began two yrs back,and now it nevertheless occurring on and on

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is it anxiety connected if so i woudltn look at shampos e.t.c just at relieving your tension. i hae telogen efflv=uvium at the minute because of to minimal iron and pressure so my doctor instructed me all i can do is choose iron tablets and de stres..though that is simpler explained than done i know. i believe just be as gentle as attainable with your hair, use child shampoos and l ly wash when you have to, like the moment a week if its not greasy

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