How to increase my hair more time?

Concern by Lesley: How to develop my hair more time?
My hair presently grows an inch each and every month but I want it to grow more rapidly prior to I see my boyfriend in four months!!! He’s last but not least coming back from the marines.. Hes variety of old for me three many years older? 4? Idk. Its shoulder legth and I want it as long as possible so I can fashion it or whatsoever. Thanks x.

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Solution by Matthew Ramsey
do not cut it.

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  1. actually leaving your hair up in a pony will make it grow , idk why but my cousins did thats for a few months and now there hair is down to there hips!

  2. oh.. thats great you’ll see ur boyfriend soon!!!! my hair right now is 18 in long.. i use pantene breakage to strength conditioner & a SEPERATE shampoo… dont evr buy the ones that are shampoo and conditioner all in one.. (they dont work) … take a look at their other products too.. they’re good 4 styling & more. also.. hav a routine on regular hair treatment once a day.. after u shampoo & condition ur hair and ur out of the shower.. comb through ur hair with a detangling comb.. also spray the pantene detangler in ur hair 4 extra condition 4 ur hair. also.. use the pantene serum for ur hair after ur hair is all combed and dry.. then lather it in… (gives it that extra shine) here’s some links to the products….

    hope this helps… if theres anything elese u cant find.. just google it 😀