How to increase thicker hair following main hair reduction? You should assist.?

Query by Amber: How to increase thicker hair soon after significant hair decline? Remember to help.?
After months of despair and anxiety along with continuous disease and exhaustion, I have lost a good deal of hair.

It is to the position that you can see my scalp effortlessly and my hair is nevertheless falling out.

I am only seventeen, is there any way that I can end the hair decline and assist in regrowth?

I cannot pay for any costly products.

You should support. :,(

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Answer by Amanda
Braids, The far more braids,the quicker your hair will increase.

Chaning eating can support.
Like much more vegtables n vitamina will carry quantity and colour out and it will make it seem like your hair stronger

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  1. Try massaging your scalp to promote blood flow, I use this olive oil product called Organic Root Simulator ( target,walmart,cvs sells them for around 4-5 bucks). I’ve also heard that changing your pillowcase to silk is better for your hair. Best of luck!

  2. First of all, sorry you have been feeling that way. I started suffering from the same issues at about your age. I recently went through a medication and stress causing hair loss episode. What I was told was to use a very mild or gentle shampoo. I am using an inexpensive sulphate free one from the drugstore. I was also told prenatal vitamins from the drugstore (you have to ask your parents and a doctor before you take any meds — sorry I have to say that. You may also want to tell your parents they aren’t because you are planning on a baby). The vitamins help with growing nicer hair back and many people say their skin is better as well. finally, go easy on the brushing or combing. If the hair is fragile, it will break if you wash it or brush it too aggressively. good luck! I also hope you are feeling better!

  3. The Girl Next Door

    Well, if your hair is naturally thick, it’ll grow back thickly. Hair doesn’t change no matter how many products you put in it…it’s just dead skin cells. If it is thin naturally, it’ll stay thin. The only think you can do is curl it to make it look thicker, or add extensions.