how to lower enhanced SERUM Ige?

Question by humza: how to lessen elevated SERUM Ige?
im twenty years old and have my serum Ige degree at 563 IU/ a outcome im suffering with alopecia areata poorly.
can anybody you should please explain to me some residence solution or and nutritional program to minimize my SERUM Ige stage or eliminate this allergy permanently..
will be really thankful

Very best solution:

Answer by Daniel-Kenneth U
Pricey ?,
Allergic reactions start in the intestine and that is where you should focus the treatment method.

The gut has numerous colonies in it and every one has a distinct perform.
The colonies have to be in harmony with each. If they are not, it is referred to as DYSBIOSIS. It is all related to your diet.

Go to “” and click on FAQ’s and do the diet plan plan. Initial, end all sugar consumption, including corn syrup.

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