How to lower the testosteron amount in blood?

Query by Waseem: How to lower the testosteron stage in blood?
My age is 20years and i have significant hair slide and my hair appears dry and tough seems like all the vitamins are dropped,i am really a lot anxious about it and i question its thanks to excess of testosteron,so can any person s
uggest me some much better treatment and what all i should steer clear of or get in my diet regime?

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Answer by Gary B
Testosterone make hair increase heavier and fuller! Why do you want to decrease it?

Lowering your testosterone will ALSO make you shed muscle, and search much more like a female. Lowering your testosterone will also make you have troubles receiving an erection, and will make your testicles grow more compact.

You have a issue that Demands A Physician. Do not handle oneself — you clearly do not know what you are doing.

GO TO A Medical doctor.

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  1. Hair loss can be attributed to various causes: Genetics, hormonal imbalance, disease, mineral deficiencies, etc. First of all, the cause must be determined so as to establish the corrective measures.

    Testosterone is responsible for sex drive(women also produce it) and is just one cause of male baldness. The higher the testosterone levels, the higher the sex drive and also the baldness.

    I completely DISAGREE with the person with initials: G.B., where he states: ” Testosterone make hair grow heavier and fuller”, THIS IS FALSE!!!, and is actually the opposite!!!! He apparently has no notion on this subject matter.

    Go see you Dermatologist so he/she can determine the cause of your baldness and establish the correct treatment.