1. Angela Smallwood

    Sorry to have asked a question that was already asked lol! about where you
    got the soap. I see it now below, I should have read sorry

  2. Deandra Fitzgerald

    I love you , you are my favorite youtuber!

  3. disabledbabe

    I have been trying so many things to fight my alopecia including popping
    pills and to see how far you have gone encourages me to keep trying.I have
    already started using the mixture you made a tutorial on with Shea butter
    and my hair feels a bit softer already in one week.I want to know how often
    you wash you hair and if you apply the shea butter mix everyday?I might
    have been overdoing it.Do you apply anything else on you hair to retain
    some moisture?Is there another alternative to peppermint oil?
    And if you do not mind,i am in Canada can you give me a link where i can
    purchase the black-soap online?

  4. I use african black soap bar that i get at work for my acne and boy it
    works wonders, My skin has never been this clear since high school. But I
    have a question i bought wash that also works as shampoo and facial
    cleaner, Will it help me regrow full thick head of hair? My hair grows
    normally but its thin on top and sides, 

  5. melissa haren

    you’r so gorgeous and your voice is exquisite; you should do public
    speaking; you can grab attention; I have ccca and as june ive pretty much
    gone natural; I use a lot of natural oils like peppermint, lavender,
    rosemary, eucalyptus, JBCO ive recently purchased hemp seed oil which I
    sprinkle on avocados and eat and use it as an oil also in my hair after
    washing. I moisturize then seal with hemp oil and it keeps moisture in.
    that seems to be the only oil that does the oil and isn’t overly oily.

  6. Tiajuana Sims

    That sounds wonderful. I cant wait to try it!

  7. journiwithme

    I lost one side of my hair line because of my locs. Do you think this would
    help grow it back? It looks amazing.

  8. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    Oh no. Sorry you can’t get it in India. Have you looked online? I am sure
    you can order it. Inbox me and let me know. I may be able to help you out.
    Much love to my Indian ladies xx

  9. SexyPebbles86

    Please subscribe to my page I’m so new to this.

  10. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    Hey Melissa! Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me
    that you have shared with me and left comments. It’s a blessing to have
    ladies like you around. I also am grateful for all of these great
    suggestions you are leaving as well. I am currently using all of these oils
    except eucalyptus. I have to look into it’s benefits. I also put hemp seeds
    into my banana smoothie most mornings. I am encouraged by your kindness.
    Stay in touch xoxo

  11. NaturalHairStyles101

    Great video! I definitely think I’m going to try this.

  12. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    Hey hun! I am so sorry to hear about you loosing your hair. I totally
    understand what it’s like and it’s no fun. I truly think you should give it
    a try. I know black soap is natural and has worked for my hair, so I do
    think it will help. Try it out and please let me know how it’s going. Many
    blessings and thanks for asking xx

  13. SexyPebbles86

    Awesome video… I never knew you could do this I will Definitely subscribe.

  14. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    Thank you. If you do inbox me how it went 😉

  15. NaturallyGlam

    Omg! I have been looking for your channel. You changed your name I think
    and somehow I got unsubscribed! Happy I found you again!

  16. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    Hey Girl! Welcome!! Thank you for your support! Yes, I use it for my family
    as well. 2 of my children have eczema on their whole body and scalp. That
    is where I got the idea from. Now, I wash my hair with it and it has done
    wonders. It feels so soft, but also so clean. Thank you for your feedback.
    I highly enjoy meeting you ladies and engaging in convos like this. Feel
    free to email me anytime!! Blessings, Jass xox