How to make my hair expand lengthier?

Issue by Cookie: How to make my hair increase lengthier?
I genuinely want longer hair than i have! How do i expand it out faster?

Ideal solution:

Reply by Lauren Bloom
it all is dependent on your furry type. some peoples hair grows more quickly than other people.

My few hints are

one-even however you want your hair to grow out, make certain to get it trimmed when necessary. explanation why is due to the fact if you have useless ends, it wont grow, at least not quite quick

2-use hair ties that do not have the steel clamps on them, they can damage your hair and cause breakage. use a hair clip and/or the bands without having metallic, you can effortlessly buy them at any keep (ex.-walmart, kmart, cvs, and many others)

3-only shampoo the top of your head, when you rinse the cleaning soap washes down more than the relaxation and it retains your hair from drying out. also clean everday but only clean your hair each and every other day, but problem every day, do this and it helps hold the natural oils in your hair and not as soon as again, dry it out

hope these minor ideas help, good luck

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  1. your hair won’t grow in minutes so you will have to be patient but going to a salon and just getting a trim will help your hair grow. unless you want a different style every month or 2 just get a trim and it will be healthier and grow longer faster 😛 hope this helps x

  2. White Sox

    There are two steps to nice luscious hair. Use warmed Olive Oil on the ends and work toward the scalp. Put it on at night, place a vented shower cap over it, make sure it is snug and leave it on over night. Then wash the oil out with a PH balanced shampoo. Then put hair conditioner in it, saturate it, and put the cap back on, leave it for 15 minutes and then shampoo it out and then shampoo it again, and then condition it again, and rinse gently with warm water. Then handle your hair gently, pretend it is an egg you don’t want to break. Wrap a soft towel around it, and let it absorb the moisture, and DO NOT RUB OR BE ROUGH WITH THE HAIR. I leave the towel in for about 30 minutes then spray a leave in conditioner in so that I can gently start picking it out. Lean forward and start combing out the hair VERY GENTLY. THEN stand straight put your head back and gently run a wide tooth comb out the nape of the neck.

    Repeat weekly.