How to make my hair increase a lot quicker?

Question by manic: How to make my hair grow quicker?
I listened to if you just take some capsules pregnant girls consider it boosts hair expansion but I’m not sure what they are named? And also if use hair loss merchandise would it improve your hair development? My hair lays on my shoulders and goes flicky so I need to get it earlier this phase so it will continue to be straight and then I can dress in extensions.

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Answer by Abby Leigh
just take biotin
Some folks say it does’nt operate
but it really does
just just take them daily

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  1. Left to itself you can expect 1/2 inch of growth per month. So if you want your hair to grow longer and if your hair is in good condition ask to have 1/2 inch trimmed every 2-3 months. If your hair isn’t in good condition have 1/2 inch cut every 6 weeks until the damaged hair has been cut away.

    There’s nothing you can apply to your hair, nothing you can eat or drink, no pill to take that makes your hair grow faster.

    Eat healthy and take your multi-vitamin. Taking 5,000 mcg Biotin daily will improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

    Split ends are the enemy of growth. People who claim their hair doesn’t grow usually have so many split ends their hair is breaking off at about the same rate it’s growing. Get a trim once every two or three months. Tell the stylist you’re growing it out and want nothing more than the ends evened out and damaged ends removed.

    Don’t color, tint, perm, straighten, or bleach your hair. This is important, since even the gentlest products contain chemicals which dry the hair shaft, making it more prone to splitting.

    Never use heat to style your hair- not to dry, not to curl, not to straighten.

    Condition your hair whenever you shampoo. Use a product which promises moisture renewal or hair health.

    Once a week use a deep conditioning product which you leave in for several minutes, then rinse out.

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