How To Make Shampoo: Make your personal all-natural hair development shampoo

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  1. StephDollStatus

    You can find the herbs at your local grocery store in the fresh veggie
    section. And It will probably smell just fine. I never smell any trace of
    the herbs after. Thanks for watching!@annabelle kirkwood 

  2. Rakel Florzita

    is your hair oily here? or is it just wet?

  3. Danielle Morris

    Does this need to be stored in the refrigerator? 

  4. Zency Gery

    Typically most shampoos are just supposed to clean ,so my expectations are
    relatively low.Argan life shampoo cleaned well and left my hair shiny &
    supple! My curly hair was less tangled & the scent was fragrant. So, Argan
    life is awesome shampoo! I suggest you also.

  5. Taylor Tucker

    The introduction was not needed its just diy shampoo thes sselfies wre not

  6. jennifer roberts

    hi thankyou for that great video please can you tell me how long the
    shampoo lasts for in the bottle? and do you have a receipe for greasy

  7. Geraldine Mwaura

    does it work for true AFRICAN hair

  8. KelsEyeMurpow

    Does this slightly dry your hair out for the first few uses? Because I used
    Castille soap as shampoo for a while and my hair was dry as a bone…

  9. Bre Sierra

    Was i the only one excited after reading the title?

  10. Bri'Hany Lo

    Thank you for the diy shampoo, but you didn’t give any measuring sizes for

  11. Jogailė Čojūtė

    What are the results? Does the hair get soft or something?

  12. tammy sebasty

    can you use dried herbs for this shampoo. i would like to grow the herbs i
    need to make this shampoo.

  13. Annabelle Kirkwood

    I can’t find all the herbs I need! Where would I get them? Also, how bad
    would my hair smell if I didn’t put the smell oils in? I know that’s a
    weird question, but please answer!!