How to manage hair decline? Any easy approaches to handle hair reduction? i assume the answers which is low cost?

Question by shakthiompr: How to manage hair loss? Any easy techniques to management hair decline? i anticipate the solutions which is cheap?
How to handle hair reduction? Any simple methods to management hair reduction? i assume the answers which is cheap

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Answer by maggie
consider vitamin A and eat proper,see a doctor if you are shedding alot of hair

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  1. subramanian

    It would have been better had you explained about the hair loss in detail. Do you have dandruff? Or are you suffering from split hair? Every cause has a remedy. I advise to give an oil massage every fortnight. Shampoo hair regularly that does not have Sodium Laureuth Sulphate or any related compound. This is also one of the reasons for hair loss. Use vitamin E supplement, as this can bring a certain change. If the problem is serious, consult a trichologist.

  2. rogaine minoxidil–spendy
    any 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor like finasteride deutasteride etc.
    you can also try pumpkin seed oil rubbed in the scalp, or saw palmetto, they contain a 5HTI
    if it’s male pattern baldness, it’s usually passed on the maternal side, was your mom’s bro or dad bald? If so, start looking into saving up for hair transplants.

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