How to prevent hair decline, for females?

Question by Shoeless: How to avoid hair decline, for females?
I used to have thick hair in elementary college (I required two palms to wrap my hair in a pony tail!), but for a number of many years now I have noticed that each time I wash my hair, brush it or even gently slide my fingers together my hair — a bunch of hairs slide out all the time!

I never think I have any health care troubles, I am wholesome overall (no allergic reactions, no nothing!)

I’ve attempted shifting shampoos. I have employed Head and Shoulders, Sunsilk, Mane N’ Tail (worst shampoo I’ve ever utilized), Tresemm√© (utilized this a lot), Fructis, currently employing Nisim Fast Shampoo to increase out my hair. But no make a difference which shampoo I transformed to, same issue — huge hair fallouts in the shower. Like continuously! You think it would end, but no my hair is still slipping out when I pat it with a towel! It might have something to do with tension (most likely), I am starting to slumber early, but I was pondering if you will find anything I could do to sluggish down the hair-falling process.

If you have been in a related predicament, what did you do to quit hair loss?

Please aid!

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