How to prevent hair decline in teenage ladies?

Concern by Ruchika V: How to prevent hair loss in teenage girls?
My hair utilized to be reallly reallly thick curly hair and i just turned 16 and i have discovered when i brush my hair or get a shower im losing a lit of hair and my hair is gradually getting to be thinner and im beginning to get a couple white hairs.. you should aid i love my hair and i have no thought what to do

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Response by AHHH!
WHITE HAIRS? I would go see a physician. If your hair is turning into significantly thinner, I would see a doctor.

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  1. KansasGirl [2011)

    Are you eating healthy? Taking Vitamins? These things affect hair health. Biotin(sp?) Is suppsed to help grow hair.
    Is your hair dry? Make sure your getting moisture.

  2. first of all ,your have to realize the reason why your hair falls.

    read this:

    This may be a hormonal imbalance .

    * Hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormones)
    * Hyperandrogenism (too many male hormones)
    * Hypooestrogenie (too few female hormones) that explains the hair loss in postmenopausal women.

    This may be a deficiency in vitamins or minerals :

    * Protein deficiency
    * Iron deficiency, Copper, Magnesium or
    * Vitamin B deficiency

  3. Bosley Medical

    I would suggest that you go to a dermatologist or physician right away. Hair loss can be one of the first signs to a more serious problem, so to prevent a possible problem from getting worse, please see a medical professional. In women, hair loss usually begins at menopause. Although hair loss in females normally occurs after the age of 50 or even later when it does not follow events like pregnancy, chronic illness, crash diets, and stress among others, there has been rare cases reported, in which hair loss affects women as young as 15 or 16. The balding process and rate vary with each person. Because you are a teenage female who is experiencing hair loss and thinning, along with whitening, it is hard to exactly say what could be causing your hair condition.

    Factors such as a person’s activities, diet, medications, natural hormones, pregnancy and childbirth, use of birth control pills, improper hair care and certain diseases can contribute to hair loss, but these factors may affect an individual more than another. While chemical treatments, pollution, hair-styling products and blow-drying have not been found to directly cause hair loss, they can dry and weaken hair, increasing breakage and perpetuating hair loss.

    However, for a personalized diagnosis to your hair thinning, you should consult a medical professional like those at Bosley. These physicians are hair loss experts who can diagnose the specific cause of your case & recommend appropriate treatment options free of charge.