How to Prevent Hair Loss and Have Lovely Hair

In this online video I discuss about hair loss. How to stop hair decline and how to have gorgeous , healthful hair. After you did this hair fashion, snap a quick pic and p…


  1. Anaxon Leah

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  2. Charles Harris

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  3. Pauline Smith

    Help me am a girl,am 25 and my hair suddenly started falling out in the
    last 2-3 months and my hair is thinning so much and they wont stop
    falling….i went to a dermatologist and he told me its seasonal but i
    think something else is wrong,i eat healthy, i do not have anemia,i dont
    dye my hair and am pretty healthy in general…..what is happening to me,am
    scared am going to lose all my hair :(

  4. Damian Piperk

    How to Prevent Hair Loss and Have Beautiful Hair I have tried so many
    products for thinning hair and they all seem to be targeting the scalp
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  5. Ryleigh Camron

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  6. Markus Allen

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  7. zuchh234

    my hair has been falling out for YEARS and I’m 18 now. but then again my
    hair is ALWAYS in a bun so that must be the problem, thank you so much luxy
    hair your channel is amazing girl!!!

  8. What do u do when it’s summer and everyday u want to put ur hair in a
    ponytail or a bun????

  9. Hicham Masaoudi

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  10. whattdabeck

    I used to have super thick and wavy hair but I got my hair layered in the
    seventh grade and my hair has gone on a downward spiral since then. It got
    incredibly thinner and almost flat-iron straight compared to before but my
    hair was still thick to normal up until last year, my junior year in high
    school my started falling out more and more. I can now (second semester
    senior in high school) see my hair thinning out way to much especially at
    the crown I’ve never dyed my hair only occasionally use heat on it to curl
    it I never blow dry it Im scared I don’t wanna lose anymore of my hair
    please help

  11. Aylla Sousa

    I’m desperately looking for ways to make my hair stop falling out! My scalp
    is clearly visible at the “crown” of my head, its so embarrassing and
    depressing to see that on the mirror, i cant even straighten my hair
    anymore because if i do it’ll make it even worse 🙁 i used to have really
    curly hair(curly like those old telephone wires) and now it’s just an ugly

  12. diana payne

    I’m only 13 and i experience alot hair loss can you please help

  13. Michelle qu

    I always had my hair up then watched this and slowly took of my pony tail 

  14. this has helped me so much mimi, thank youuu.

  15. maisha hassan

    Hi mimi, I’m 12 and since I was 9 my hair starting major hair loss my hair
    still does I have low iron but I eat vegetables and water so I’m really
    scared I don’t colour my hair I don’t apply heat so I’m really scared 

  16. Melanie Violet

    Before trying any useless ointment, you have to consider some all-natural
    treatment for hair loss

  17. Nazria Begum

    Thx Mimi I’m really young and have a lot of hair falls and split ends I
    think it’s because I eat a lot junk food btw I am still skinny!

  18. whitequeen1900

    I also suffered from hair fall and I am only 27 years old (female).
    Desperated as I was, Ive been craving for a good therapy and the only thing
    that worked was *vunatias stop hair loss handbook*. I highly recommend it!

  19. Pratap Lama

    Hey there! Have you heard the talk about *vunatias stop hair loss handbook*
    (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some
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  20. Diala Jaber

    My hair is falling out like crazy my pillow case always has so much hair on
    it and on my clothes and when I shower its the worst I wash my hair once a
    week and I take biotin pills and I use hair loss shampoo I don’t dye my
    hair I used henna becuz it said it makes haor stronger and thicker and I
    bought these caviar bottles from sephora it was expensive but nothing is
    working its getting worse I went 2 the doctor 4 it 2 he said I’m anemic but
    I also take iron pills idk wat else 2 do my hair was so long and I cut it
    so short I thought it would help I’m so upset 

  21. hailey T

    I’m a gymnast so I have to wear my hair in a high ponytail and I go 5 days
    a week 

  22. Jose Abreu

    Do anybody has tips for 17 year old boy that uses a lot of molding paste or
    gel to style the hair . i have a thin hair how i can grow it faster or
    protect it or any guide to make it stronger and thicker? Thanks

  23. Goldmine99

    my parting changes every night!!!!!#bedhair!

  24. Julie Nielsen

    My hair has been getting thinner all over here lately, so I looked on
    WebMD, and found out that too much vitamin A can cause hair loss. That made
    sense. I’ve been making my own vegetable juice in a juicer. I’ve been
    adding too many carrots and dark greens. Both high in vitamin A. So, I’m
    quitting on the carrots and dark green veggies for a little while. Then
    I’ll just use less in my juice from then on. I noticed this more lately too
    because I’ve been working on styling my natural curly hair, so I really
    noticed the thinning especially in the back on top. I’ve been straightening
    my hair most of my life using a flat iron. So I’m working on getting my
    curly hair healthy.