How to ReGrow Thinning or Balding Hair

This is an al all-natural Environmentally friendly tea/ Coconut shampoo developed to support cease thinning or balding hair loss. this movie demonstrates how it is utilized to accomplish the maxium effects. hair regarowth was visibly…


  1. Homira Sultani

    Hi, thanks for sharing this video could u send me the ingredients and where
    we should or make it at home . I want to try for my brother. Please send
    me all information that he needs. Thanks again .

  2. skylan Natural

    My husband is going bald i’ll have him try this i hope it work’s

  3. Sandeep V

    My name is sandeep present my hair is lossing and it is in the starting
    stage. Mostly it is loosing in the middle area. what i have to do madam..
    pls. this is my email id madam

  4. Greg Boardman

    I’ve got coconut oil on my hair …. 1st time…. the black knight

  5. tupati gangaraju

    dandraf and hair fall suggation please

  6. George Howard

    Vitamins are responsible for the growth and maintenance of every part of
    the body, including the hair. The hair needs vitamins to maintain the
    health of the hair follicles, tissue, scalp and the hair strands. You can
    take vitamin supplements to maintain hair health and use products that
    contain vitamins, such as shampoos and conditioners.My favorite one is
    Argan Rain products ..It has stopped my shedding and even reversed the lost

  7. Sarada Satyajit Mishra

    what if would like to use paste of onion & honey ?
    will it result the same ?

  8. tunabish !

    does this work with receding hairlines??

  9. Mikeisha Jones

    Do u use the tea tree or sea breaze oil to clean or u ur a cleanser like
    for. Your face?