how to remedy hair loss?

Issue by Th J: how to heal hair reduction?
i consider i’m getting hair loss. i am just 18…

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Response by DBA
Severe response …. it’s not achievable….. other than to chop off your testosterone crammed nuts.

If you’re not prepared to chop off your ball bag (totally real) then just reside with it.

It really is normal

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  1. thefretbreaker

    Go see a specialist asap. All you know it could just be stress that leads to hair loss. There are a lot of products that slow down and sometimes stops hair loss, but I won’t get into them as you should ONLY get that information from the Dr you should see.

    I understand how you feel man, I also started fearing the health of my scalp at around the same age. The best advice I can tell ya is that if you do end up with thinning hair over the years, keep your head held up high, embrace it and make it work to your advantage, and don’t let it crush your spirits! What’s important is what’s IN your head, not on it

  2. You should see your doctor about this as 18 is quite early to be losing your hair.

    If your doctor says everything is normal then a possible cause of your hair loss could be having showers that are too hot. When you shower, use only lukewarm to warm water on your head. It’s OK to use hotter water on the rest of your body but hot water on your head causes hair loss. You could also try a Folic Acid supplement.

  3. When it comes to hair loss I wouldn’t try to treat it on my own. At your age you shouldn’t be losing hair, unless you are putting an extreme amount of strain on your hair. In any case you need immediate care from a physician.