How to resolve damaged tumble out hair?

Issue by Merry: How to fix destroyed tumble out hair?
My mom has skinny ruined hair that falls out like each and every time she washes it which is after a week. you should help…
She has not place coloration, bleach, or perm (never ever) it just falls out almost all the time
It is brought on by tension but can she do anything to cease the drop out and make it expand?

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Reply by Samarita.
kerastase has a shampoo conditioner set that comes with a warmth capsules..
place olive oil and jojoba oil on the hair and then set a plastic bag in excess of intensify the results use a blow dryer more than the ba so that there is warmth 🙂

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  1. well her hair is supposed to fall out… i lose a lot when im in the shower. if she starts getting bald spots then there’s a problem…
    she should probably deep condition it if it’s damaged, or use hot oil treatments. also, investing in a good quality shampoo/conditioner may stop further damage and hair loss.
    hope i helped your mom 🙂

  2. Has your mom used any bleach or peroxide based colour on her hair recently, if she has this maybe the cause if it has been over processed. it can break off where the weakness or dry part of the hair is which will seem that it is falling out.
    If she has not coloured or permed her hair recently then maybe but i emphasise maybe she should get her blood count checked just incase she is lacking in iron or something that could cause her hair to fall out.
    Lastly it could simply be that because she is washing her hair once a week all the hair that we loose gradually over a normal week appears to be coming out all at once.
    hope this helps, how sweet you are to be concerned for your mom
    best wishes

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