How to stop hair reduction?

Question by CrossedOffName: How to avert hair loss?
Im only fifteen and my hair was usually truly thick. But in the previous 3 months it commenced slipping out and i cant get it to end, its gotten really genuinely slender. Some of the issues ive tried out are having lots of vitamins and switching shampoo. But it hasnt assisted. I do dye my hair, i also was on topamax for migranes, but i stop using it because it can make your hair fall out, but the point is i stoped taking it months ago, ive dyed my hair all my life. But idk what to do any longer. an individual please assist!!!

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  1. Eddeesims

    Shave your head. you cant lose what you dont have.

  2. Back For Round 12

    i had a friend that was the same way, i think his fell out faster because he kept it long… when he was 17 or 18 he ended up shaving his head, he still keeps it shaved, hes 24 now.

  3. akshdeep011193

    make sure you are getting enough vitamins…my parents always tell me almonds help hair stay strong…munch on those for a while and see how that goes….

  4. **Argni Lucanio**

    do u have stress? if u do then thats your answer

  5. Twilight Lover!

    Talk to your doctor, but stress is sometimes a sign of hair loss. Also, it can be hereditary. Good Luck!

  6. Intellectual Realist

    Are you one of those girls who’s religious about flat ironing her hair? If you are, then that explains so much.

  7. well you should stop dying your hair and if you shower with hot water stop that makes your hair fall out as well.

  8. in the car

    STOP dying your hair!!!!!!!!!

    also start taking vitamin specifically for strong HAIR growth
    Use NIOXIN shampoo

  9. There’s only two hair loss drugs clinically tested and FDA approved : Minoxidil (Rogaine and other brands) and Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia, etc.), there are some interesting drugs too like Dutasteride or Follica but there aren’t enough studies yet.

    If you’re into natural stuff, the only one that might be helpful is Saw Palmeto (there are capsules for sale in natural shops) because it contains anti androgens similar to the ones found on Propecia.

    Laser treatment can improve your existing hair but wont help you regrow lost hair, hair transplant works but i would consider it the last option especially since you’re still young.

    Minoxidil if you buy generic brands it’s quite cheap and Proscar if you get the generic version it’s reasonably cheap and will last you a long time.

    Quite frankly all the other stuff are either placebos or scams.

  10. Sometimes it takes a long time for medication to get out of your system, so that might be your problem. If not than I would strongly recommend that you see a doctor. Vitamin deficiency and shampoos are probably not your problem. You may have a hormone imbalance. So talk to your doctor about it and he/she will be able to help you. Sudden hair loss at a young age signifies a problem, especially if it’s very noticeable as you mentioned.

  11. clboarder12

    it could be that your hair is dead. i had the same thing this summer. sept my hair was burned and dead. so i started losing it all. but if you cut your hair really short then it will grow back within a month or so. thats what i did and my hair is back to normal

  12. SmellsLikeVinegar

    check your iron level.

    eat more beef and turkey…

    do not over do vitamins with iron it’s bad for your organs…

    stop dyeing your hair!

  13. stress can induce hair loss; try relaxing and exercising to stay healthy. take walks around your neighborhood to reduce your stress and help you relax. also, bring it down a notch with the hair dyeing.. it’s not good for you as it’s not natural. eat right and maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle.

  14. Em_payton

    i am 16, and i have the same problem, although i dont dye my hair. you should definetly stop dying your hair because thats obviously a reason why its falling out, but i suggest vitamins that contain alot of biotin which is very good for hair growth. ive been taking it for about 5 weeks and already see improvement (3000 mcg per day) and keep up with washing your hair often. like every 3 or 4 days. healthy eating also stimulates hair growth. good luck 🙂

  15. Although coloring your hair can make it thinner, I think the real problem is your stress level. You are only 15. Medicines can add to the concern too, What you need to do is seek a professional in hair loss prevention. They can do stimulation treatments and also find out the real reason your hair is falling out. This site can only help you so much. After that you need to get the help from where you are, and one that is trained in the area you need. I am a stylist and understand your dilemma.

  16. Hi, Joelle, I’m so sorry you’re so frustrated. I’m sure you must be at your wit’s end.
    Here are some suggestions:
    1) Get your thyroid levels checked. Sometimes, thyroid issues affect hair.
    2) Don’t just take “lots of vitamins” because you may be counteracting the ones your body truly needs, which probably include a good B complex and iron.
    3) Which reminds me… hair loss can also be attributed to iron deficiency. You’re 15 and probably menstruating, so have your doctor check your iron levels, too.
    4) Try not to wash your hair every single day. Use the most natural products you can. It’s been shown that sodium laurel sulfate can cause hair loss.
    5) You’re off the Topamax, but your hair could still be responding because there could have been residual Topamax in your system. Give your body a chance to readjust.
    6) Gently massage your scalp at night to stimulate the roots of your hair.
    7) Finally, DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE and swallow lots of vitamins– just because they’re “vitamins” doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Let the doctor find the problem. If he/she can’t find the problem, then start off SLOWLY with the vitamin experimentation.

    Hope this helps!