How to tame curly hair with out making use of harming products?

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I retained straighting my hair and it grew to become curly and frizzy. I want to stop straighting it simply because it causes hair decline. What must i do to preserve my hair great with no harmful it?

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  1. littleone

    Hair is always going to be a little damaged no matter what u do. It gets damaged just from washing it. All u can do is take precautions to lessen the damage like when straightening hair use a heat protecting spray. But even if u stop straightening ur hair. It’ll still end up damaged from washing it. either way it gets damaged.

  2. fizzygurrl1980

    Just let it be curly- it wants to be that way! Shampoo and condition with a hydrating conditioner- I like Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Balm. Then towel-dry and scrunch some Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt through it (about a quarter-size amount). It will dry naturally in cute little ringlets. If you really don’t want it to look curly, do the same shampoo and conditioner and then, when it’s still quite wet, put some product in it and comb it out, then pull into a little bun at the back of your neck. It will dry that way, and when you take the bun out, the top of your hair will be all sleek and smooth and the bottom will have a fun little wave to it.

  3. ..::.*b-dawg*::..

    straightenin your hair does not make you loose your hair unless your hair is really fried and it sometimes breaks pieces off..

    and if you dont wanna keep straightenin it then just scrunch it and get some jel and hair spray and it will be cuutttteeeee. ! (:

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