How to thicken again hair after obtaining overthinned by a extremely bad stylist?

Issue by 🙂: How to thicken again hair right after receiving overthinned by a very negative stylist?
I was known as the quantity 2 for getting a quite huge wavy MANE among my close friends.. But then I misplaced it all soon after heading to this very specifically undesirable salon for the 1st time the place people there in fact never find out a lot, at first I didn’t know.

I asked them to cut my hair in a “Feathery Layer” way but they didn’t realize, so they thinned my hair verry drastically (you know, silly individuals will not use their creative imagination), you see, soon after that ‘hair thinning’ encounter everytime i just washed my hair I would appear as if I was bald.. It looks like they virtually had eaten all my hair off, there’s only very couple of remaining.. verry.. there is only 1 tiny lock of hairs still left in both left and appropriate sides of my head.. although in the back again you will find only a tiny still left that is only able for us to braid four in small parts.. not able to be combed with brush, curled, or play with at all.. They did it as if they have been wanting to eliminate me or something, the show is they have been frowning.. and did not do it with inner thoughts,,

I in no way had that knowledge prior to and it is been 9 months my hair has not developed again yet, I obtained fed up and simply stressed ever since, two months ago I knowledgeable hair loss due to the fact of the melancholy.. I have been employing random shampoos but it by no means labored properly

Can any person inform me what to do now? I really feel so unwell of maintaining myself this way.. and I will not know what to do to develop it again as thick as prior to..

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I know specifically how to fix this…Damp your hair and shampoo it. To make it look thick. Flip your head upside down when your blow drying. set your head between your knees so your hair is hanging towards the flooring. Blow dry it till it is fully dry. Switch it back up and it will have sooooo much quantity you wont even be able to tell it was thinned. Spary with one 2nd of hair spray and it will be good to go.

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