how to thicken my hair? i want your help!?

Issue by MORIAH: how to thicken my hair? i need your assist!?
my hair has gone by means of A Great deal the earlier four many years and now my pony tail is as thick as the width of a nickel. I have gentle alopecia which operates in my mothers facet and i consider pills for it. my hair has gotten greater in the final 2 years but its not extremely thick or sturdy. i straighten my bangs and i trim them a the very least when a month often far more. i have curly/wavy hair and i use mousse and styling lotions. i do get break up ends usually but i try out to trim them when i see them. do you have any suggestions or treatment options to support my hair grow to be A Lot thicker and more robust? i want my hair to grow to be as thick as a 50 cent coin but thats a huge objective. you should you should make sure you if you know any approaches to help my hair i would enjoy it! im self careful about it.

remember to dont bother answering if your just heading to say theres nothing at all i can do.

thank you.

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Solution by syntyche
The clean aloe vera plant, if you break it, the sap would ooze out. That exact same sap when rubbed on your scalp each night time just before you slumber would assist.

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