1. Andrew Negron

    I don’t think your actually completely informed about alopecia considering
    the fact that alopecia is a autoimmune diesease. Cause is unknown to
    doctors. So weather your weave is too tight or you have your hair pulled
    back too tight has nothing to do with alopecia. Your white blood cells
    attack your hair follicle and it does not allow it to regrow. But your
    methods are a great contributor to all patients. But let it be known that
    it may fall out again. Alopecia is a very unpredictable disease which makes
    it very frustrated for people who suffer from it. 

  2. Onverse Videos

    Thank you so much I pray to god this works!!!

  3. Terrence Weston

    Yeah, stfu you negative pricks. Good video, girl.

  4. TheEgyptianOne

    how is it not cured? like for example, if i fix the problem with vitamins
    or what have you and it grows, does that mean the hairs will stop falling?
    or will it continue falling but the hair will still be thick? so how is it
    not curable if i end up finding the problem and fixing it and then the
    hairs grow back and stop falling? this means it is curable, unless what u
    mean is i would have to keep taking whatever works, forever.

  5. hotttapeppa

    Its actually cayenne pepper thats good for the hair especially our hair
    line. You can use cayenne powder, ( you can find it in the spice section)
    so you take some cayanne pepper powder. Put it in a container and add any
    good oil( make sure its natural organic is best) you can use olive,caster,
    or coconut, oil ( personally Jamaican black caster oil is damn good) like I
    said before the more natural the better. anyway, warm up the oil some, and
    then put both the cayanne pepper and oil

  6. Devon Sidwell

    ever in Canada , let me know.. ; ) just kidding, but seriously. your a

  7. happypelon

    thaks for the vid, ill try to do just that. and, with all respect, very
    cute girl. rrrrrrr

  8. urbanChic1

    I’m not an expert but Yes In general most oils that are ok to use in the
    hair…when applied to the scalp adds circulation to the scalp which can
    lead to hair growth!! t

  9. D Dzozina

    Hello, can you please put the name of the product you’re talking about in
    this video. My english level doesn’t allow me to realy understand. one
    think it’s must be a real messy to put red pepper on the scalp, very hot
    don’t try please girl don’t do that.

  10. TheChynagurl

    Thank you, I’m gonna try it and I’ll let you know how turns out!! (Onion

  11. Great advise!(:…… U could also use fresh Ginger juice mixed with your
    hair oil or as a pre poo too!

  12. urbanChic1

    @amberdst11 okay Great!!! Tell me how it goes!!!

  13. Gillian1107

    Thanks for the information. Just found you & learned lots. Given me a boost
    & hope. You’re lovely and make good sense. p.s. Do you know anything about
    melatonin for hair loss? I’ve researched and found that melatonin is being
    used both orally and topically for hair loss. I’m not joking. My little
    cairn terrier has atypical cushings disease has always had, thin, wispy
    hair, but since the vet put her on melatonin for the atypical cushings she
    has 3X the hair as before!

  14. urbanChic1

    Dear Cyber Bully, if you didnt like the video then dont watch it you
    asswhole!! No reason to put this mean comment on my video. Now your Blocked