1. Second Degree Medicine

    I have alopecia, my dad has alopecia, my aunt has it, my uncle has it and
    my cousin has it. There is a clearly a genetic component here. I eat,
    what I would consider a healthy diet. I don’t think that in my case that
    the diet is causing it. It’s an autoimmune disease. My dad also has
    Psoriatic arthritis, which is also an autoimmune disease. I’ve had steroid
    shots in my head and my hair has started to grow back. The reasons for this
    is that steroids suppress your over-active immune system, specifically your
    T cells which attack your hair follicles. I’m also a medical student and
    I’ve done a research project into immune disorders related to the skin. My
    dermatologist told me to take some hair skin and nail supplements which
    can’t hurt so I agree, eating a healthy is very important, but it isn’t
    going to cure the problem and it isn’t necessarily the cause either. Good
    for you, your hair has grown back though. I hope it doesn’t fall out again
    as this disease can have a cyclic nature in which the hair falls out and
    regrows and falls out again even without treatment. Regarding your point
    about steroids being toxic, this is untrue, steroid hormones are used by
    your body for signalling. You may benefit from doing some research into
    autoimmune diseases. ´╗┐

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Good girl. Im starting, just starting to get mine back in the same way. Its
    slooooooow but it is growing! The body is an amazing thing you are made to
    heal yourself! Thanks for sharing, so inspiring!´╗┐

  3. Kizzy Tolentino

    how ur hair grow with no treatment´╗┐

  4. AshleyGreensMusic

    will male pattern baldness be cured from this, i am early into this. just

  5. ellaxoxo15

    She’s right, fully raw vegan fixes u´╗┐

  6. aisha elvrit

    could you please write me down what kind of vegetables and fruits i can mix
    this healthy juice´╗┐


    very helpful video.. thanks dear.. you angel..´╗┐

  8. Spencer H Rossay

    A very positive outlook, ty for the video.´╗┐

  9. Mehrzad Moheb

    Marry me….so gorgeous and inspiring´╗┐

  10. Angel Velez

    thank you !!! u gave me inspiration !!!! <3´╗┐

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