How typical is hair loss when heading on the pill or NuvaRing?

Problem by Shelly K: How typical is hair decline when likely on the capsule or NuvaRing?
I observed that a side effect is hair reduction..
I have thick hair and I’m black[if that has anything at all to deal with it]…Would it be most likely for me to drop hair? If so, how a lot?

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Answer by Izzy D
Probally not that a lot. But less woukd appear out if you ise the ring. Possibly just a handful of when you brush it

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  1. Vivek Goel

    Female hair loss can also be triggered by birth control medications, certain prescription drugs.

    Birth control medications can unnaturally unbalance your hormone levels. And, when this happens, hair loss will occur. To prevent hair loss, you will either want to stop taking contraceptives or you can consult your doctor about it and get your doctor to recommend you a birth control pill brand that doesn’t contribute to hair loss.

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    Side Effects Of Common Drugs For Hair Loss Treatment :

    Minoxidil : Cause a fall in blood pressure, an increase in the heart rate, and weight gain (fluid retention)

    Propecia : May cause birth defects in male baby’s sex organs if taken by women. Also, potentially irreversible side effects occurring in the group of people taking the drug are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder (decreased volume of ejaculate) and low libido.

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