Hydroxyurea and hair decline?

Concern by coco puffy.: Hydroxyurea and hair reduction?
So i have been on Drea for about 7 years now….Considering that about 2007, i have observed the texture of my hair has completely transformed. Im African American, but the texture of my hair is not typicall any longer…its straight, skinny & genuinely dry. It breaks & falls alot all the time, specifically when i shampoo it or comb it. I have no substances or relaxers in it…I even do not straighten it or set any heat on it. My hair even now breaks alot all the time. I really feel like the genetic makeup of my hair has altered completely. I know one of the side results of hydrea may possibly be hair reduction or thinning of hair. This is frustrating for me….So what step should i get following? Is Hydrea accountable for my hair loss?

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Solution by domek abdelmuti
The standard cycle of hair progress lasts for two to 3 years. Every hair grows roughly 1 centimeter for each month during this section. About ninety per cent of the hair on your scalp is expanding at any one particular time. About ten per cent of the hair on your scalp, at any one time, is in a resting section. After three to 4 months, the resting hair falls out and new hair commences to develop in its location.

It is standard to get rid of some hair every day as portion of this cycle. Nevertheless, some people might expertise abnormal (far more than typical) hair reduction. Hair decline of this variety can impact guys, ladies and children.

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