I am 19 & struggling from extreme hair decline. plz support me !!!!!?

Issue by yamaha1015: I am 19 & struggling from extreme hair decline. plz aid me !!!!!?
I am only 19 & have just entered next 12 months of my higher education &&&I am suffering from severe hair loss(heredity). the bald patches have started out to appear at the back of my head .
Simply because of this my pals make fun of me especially the ladies . They say that I would not be obtaining any girlfriend (it truly is not the primary issue).
I imagine that there exists a remedy for every single issue , so if you people have the solution ,plz submit it (no wigs).I would adore to have some normal treatment for this difficulty.
If not give me information about medical procedures .
Plz give me some really effective recommendations , buddies .

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Solution by Joseph W
you need to have to just see a doctor and have him notify you what to do.

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