I am a 19 12 months previous vegan likely bald, what deficiency causes hair decline?

Query by Rel: I am a 19 yr outdated vegan likely bald, what deficiency triggers hair decline?
I am a 19 calendar year outdated woman and have been a vegan for nine many years. I began shedding hair about a 12 months ago and my when thick hair is so slender now that i have bald places practically all in excess of my head. The hair has been slipping out evenly amongst my complete head. What am I missing that can cause this? zinc? B12? Protein? What deficiency can be creating my hair decline?
I’m not going to quit getting a vegan so don’t consider to convert me. I’m worried about my hair and my wellness but I wont damage another creature for my benefit. There are usually vegan alternate options, I am just curious as to what I may not be acquiring sufficient of.

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Answer by nathan w
protein. off the record for each and every portion of meat you do not try to eat i will consume 3. one for me one for you and 1 to make it even worse than if you just ate meat in the initial place.

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  1. Being a vegan has little to do with hair loss, you just need to find other sources of protein (something the body needs). A vegan is just a vegetarian that removes all animal and animal byproducts (such as eggs-a good source of protein) from their diet. Many “vegetarians” will eat fish, an excellent source of protein that has plenty of “good fats” (something the body also needs). A number of them have the “nothing with a face” sense of thought. It is a personal choice. If you are happy with it, AND, can supply your body with all it’s requirements…I applaud you.

    Your problem sounds far beyond just possible dietary issues. You said “now that i have bald spots practically all over my head”. Alopecia areata is a possibility. Initially it occurs in the late teenage years, early childhood, or young adulthood, but can happen with people of all ages. Inital symptoms are small, soft, bald patches that can come in any shape but are most often roundish in shape. It may also be caused by Vitamin B5 deficiency. The area may tingle or be slightly painful. It most often affects the scalp, but can occur on any hair-bearing part of the body.

    Yet you say “The hair has been falling out evenly amongst my whole head”, so it’s (hopefully) more likely not. Because it can be permenent (nonreversable). It very much sounds like more, there comes a time when one has to face the facts and do something about it.

    I’ll tell you a bit about myself and how my experience may be able to help you = I am a master stylist of 20+ years. I have the skill as well as knowledge of the structure, function, and anatomy of the hair/scalp, but I can only do so much. That’s where science has to step in. For years I have researched for the sake of my clients, something that would restore what some of them were losing. Especially my female clients, male clients as well, but women have a much harder time coping. Men would after surviving the jabs now and then as well as the stares, develop “thick skin” (or so they would say). My first priority was getting the job done. The second priority ( a major push via my male clients) was it not cost an arm and a leg! All the products we tried promised “much”, but…some just promised and others didn’t work too bad (some smelled awful). Until we found one that hit our “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” and really worked! http://www.amazing-results-now.com It was impressive, the hair starts coming in like fuzz. Fine and downy. My clients started to get excited (especially women, you know us guys, we’re…”yeah, not too bad”), but when it starts to thicken, then even the guys are “check it out!”. I take great pride in what I do for my clients. Oh, and they show me they appreciate it too (especially when Christmas rolls around). Although you’re not my client, I hope that this information helps you, you could end up happy and whole once more. I wish you all the best. Take care.

  2. Melanie V

    A few nutrients can be missing in a vegan diet if it’s not carefully planned. Vitamin D, deficiency can lead to hair loss, but if you’re getting adequate sunshine you should be fine. Absorbing enough B12 and iron can be difficult for vegans. Some vegans are deficient in zinc, iodine and protein even though they are easily obtainable from vegan sources. It’s important to include foods with these nutrients. Spirulina and chlorella are excellent natural sources of these and many valuable nutrients that can be missing in any diet.
    Since you’ve been vegan for 9 years and started losing hair about a year ago, it’s very possible that other factors are involved. The type of hair loss you’re experiencing (diffuse hair loss from excessive shedding) is common. It may be triggered by other causes such as medication, vaccination, extreme stress, exposure to toxins or allergens, major life change, hormonal changes, surgery, illness, infection, dental work etc. Thinking back to the months preceding the hair loss may provide clues.
    Any change, imbalance or disturbance can cause this type of hair loss. If the body does not quickly adjust to the change, disturbance etc, the hair loss condition can become chronic.
    I also lost most of my hair but I was able to regrow it and maintain it with the use of aromatherapy scalp massage treatment. Essential oils are known to be a very effective natural hair loss remedy.

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