I am feeling dilemma of hair decline. Do the medicines offered in market place function?

Query by jahangir: I am experience dilemma of hair loss. Do the medications available in marketplace work?
I am emotion that hair from my listen to are going to lessen slowly and gradually. Character of my hair is some curly, and quite thick. I want to use some medication offered in market place which declare to get back misplaced hair.
Do these sorts of medications have great outcomes and are these consequences extended long lasting. Can some a single give me the title of such drugs also.

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Response by FarmGirl13
mainly my curly locks drop heaps of hair in the drop. I take b stress sophisticated vitamins and it starts developing hair back again also you can purchase pre natal nutritional vitamins and your hair will expand like crazy. rogaine functions quite well but when you start off it you can in no way end so I would hold out as long as possible. or else go to the dr and get your hormones checked. often when our hormones are on the fritz using regulating tablets will get your hair back to normal. good luck

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  1. Well to be honest, hair loss is affected by lots of factors such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and some times you inherit it through your parents.

    Some Medicines work and some just doesn’t, it all comes to the component and how will it react with your body. but in my experience it will not show a noticeable effect only after 4-6 months.

    In any case its worth trying the medicine method rather than going the more expensive way which is the hair transplant.

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