I am heading bald! What is the very best hair regrowth/hair loss solution/therapy? For gentlemen?

Problem by hpdc90: I am heading bald! What is the greatest hair regrowth/hair loss item/treatment method? For guys?
I have a receding hairline and I you should not know what to do! My hair’s falling out..

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Response by L!NDY… ♥ ♥
get that foaming hair grower stufff!!!!!! at like wallymart or miejer or target and shops like that

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  1. Get the vitimin called Biotin. It makes your hair regrow and even when you stop using it your hair will not fall out.

  2. Ahah, I have a natural thai remedy that my mother taught me, in-exspensive and a natural lotion for the body and nutrients and food for the hair.

    Get coconut oil. And rub it in your hair thouroughly at night time, and in the morning wash it off (repeat that process thoroughly).You can either look online and find out how to make the coconut oil, or if you can find it in a store, buy it. My mom makes her own coconut oil.

    It works, the results should show with in weeks. It keeps your hair from losing its color too. It is enviromentally friendly, and edible, it might not taste very delicious tho.. especially after you have been using it on your hair.

    So all together you have a natural:
    Body lotion
    Hair grower/thickener
    Hair dye(kinda)
    and Snack!

    Go try it!

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