I am loosing hair, what shampoo is it ideal to use in this situation?

Query by vetal_2007: I am loosing hair, what shampoo is it best to use in this predicament?
I am only 22 and I am loosing hair, what shampoo is it greatest to use in this situation? What could be leads to for this? What are some tips that will aid me lessen the hair reduction?

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Reply by saksham
head and shoulder is the very best shampoo

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  1. head and shoulder, and massage regularly with olive oil

  2. hair genesis worked for me. 2 gelcaps per day & you can order their shampoo….1-800-736-0729 good luck

  3. if you are losing hair it may be in the genes. look at the men on your mother’s side of the family. does loss of hair run along their line? if not, i would consider consulting a doctor.

  4. gandy8158

    If your problem is male pattern baldness, there is nothing you can do, it is inevitible. Look at your Dad or other members of the family, Grand parents on either side? Are any of the males bald, or went bald early?
    If you are young, whatever you do, do not get into the trap of trying to hide it, you’ll find it harder later to reveal the truth as it gets worse, and end up with a flap. This is from someone who almost fell into that trap. Then one day I just had it cut short. I’d already started developing (without truly realising how obvious it looked) a bit of a front flap, like a big fringe. Best thing I ever did, cutting it short. Suddenly I didn’t care if it was a windy day, didn’t walk around constantly rearranging it.

    If it is alopecia, see a doctor, it can be treated.

    You don’t need to cut it really short as in Grant Mitchel and look like a thug if you don’t want, just neat and tidy, with no obvious cover up.

    No shampoo can stop baldness. Hair that you can see is dead, shampoo just cleans it. The action of massage might stimulate natural oils and condition it, but won’t stop it falling out.

    If you are young, don’t consider a transplant. It’s a con (strong word, it sort of works, but there’s a catch). They will replace the lost bit, and then later as it continues to recede elsewhere, you will need to go back again and again. Or end up with two bits of hair at the temples and none on top. They don’t tell you that. (No I didn’t do that).

    Sorry to be so blunt. You’ll have to learn to live with it.

    Good luck.

  5. take oil bath regularly.
    it may also due to dandruff,tension.

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