I am searching for a speech made by a girl who was dying of cancer?

Query by Alex: I am seeking for a speech produced by a lady who was dying of most cancers?
I noticed the online video of the speech several years back. The woman offering the discuss had been diagnosed with cancer, and would die soon immediately after the speak was recorded. She could or may not have been a poet, I’m not sure. The girl had a piece of cloth wrapped all around her head, certainly to conceal the evidence of hair reduction from chemo treatments. The basic message of the speech was “what the hell are you waiting for?” or some thing alongside people lines, and it was extremely effective, as she talked about how no one has the luxury of waiting till later on to do what you want to do, since daily life is brief and you can die unexpectedly. At one particular level I think she just stated straight up “You happen to be gonna die.” if that helps slim it down. Can any person help me locate the movie I am speaking about?

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This is not the video clip you are seeking for, but if you don’t locate it, this could be a good replace:


and one more one particular from the identical guy:


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