I am seventeen and My hair is litterally faing out…?

Concern by Fraya: I am seventeen and My hair is litterally faing out…?
nicely i have constantly experienced truly beautiful extended hair, and About a yr in the past i observed my hair falling out in huge amounts. I went to the doctor for it about 6 months back, and he told me to adjust shampoos to a dandruff shampoo..which i didnt recognize since i didnt have dander. But anyhow I utilised the shampoo and nevertheless practically nothing, its staring to get again on the again of my scalp. i have a quite huge patch and its becoming not comfortable for mr to use my hair down in pubic. I was pondering if rogain, or sumthing like that woud restore it? i dunno
also, i undergo from stress dysfunction OCD, and bipolar problem, but i refused to go on to any medicine, and this earlier calendar year has been quite tense. I listened to somthing about when u anxiety u free hair, but im 17!!!
Could an individual remember to assist me on what to do?
this is somthing that truly bothers me 🙁

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Answer by ilovetheklaxons
You must see the medical doctor once again and tell them that their tips hasnt labored and that your hair is even now falling out.

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