I am shedding my hair, I require guidance!?

Issue by Noone: I’m getting rid of my hair, I need tips!?
I’m a man of 24 a long time of age. I’m getting rid of my hair. Is there Everything out there that I can get or do to reverse the hair loss that has occured, and stop hair decline in general? I maintain listening to that rogaine will not really function to reverse hair loss that has currently occured. This issue is variety of aimed at guys, provided my scenario ( if anybody is aware of any medication or no matter what that operates to reverse hair loss or no matter what, enable me know ). Even so, ANY Great guidance from Any person would be welcomed.

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Reply by Kristen
I am not confident of the title of the merchandise but its a walgreens item kinda like rogaine, but their brand. It might help. You could often inquire a physician as well. Also consider not to wash your hair every day that goes for each females and males. I have been there. I wash mine each other working day. I am a lady but hope it aids.

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  1. You answered my question so I’ll answer yours. I don’t think being bald is bad but go wih the thin hair until you think that its too thin. If you don’t want to be bald there is shampoo/conditioner so that you’re hair stays in. Hair loss is the bad part you don’t want more hair you just want it to stay in. So go to a store or salon that sells Paul Mitchell shampoo and get whichever one you think is good. Or shave it off if you want but I like guys with hair better.

  2. Calamity of the Skies

    Reverse it, no. Perhaps you should wait 10 more years, the scientists are trying to work this one out. It’s possible, but still not well understood.

    However, you can keep the hair you already have. Assuming your problem is male pattern baldness, the problem is your testosterone, actually, it’s DHT(dihydrotestosterone). So, you can use products like Propecia or Proscar to lower this hormone. You could also try to lower your testosterone by various methods, but many men don’t like that.

    Some hair regrowth products like the one you mentioned can thicken your “peach fuzz”. Better to see a doctor to get accurate prescriptions and info.

  3. Evearella Eves

    If u only 24 u should c a registered trichologist (u pay, uk its like £100), Then any treatment is done through the doctor. There is so many reasons why u coud b losing it, ur better off seeing a pro, As they will b able to get u the best results and treatment.

  4. Mukunda M

    Toxic shampoos and other products are a principal cause of hair loss. Some conditioners are even more harmful than shampoos. Go to this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database – it’s a totally independent, unbiased tester of products. Many popular ones were found to have countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients. Use the Database to find OTHER brands of shampoos that tests showed were safe to use.
    Just switching to those will certainly stop the loss. However, I learned from personal experience that toxic ingredients not only cause hair loss but also sicken scalp and cause hair ducts to be blocked and so prevent regrowth. This happened to me in my twenties and the only way I found to unblock them and get new growth is detailed in this question/answer. “Am I going to go bald?”asked by Douglas(On ANSWERS) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqxAwl8mQuqJ6l..LrHMyqPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120321110609AA2YHMS

    And see another response just received from another treatment user. I’ll send it to you if you contact me.
    Try it and you WILL get the same total healing of scalp and total regrowth as I did. My hair quickly and fully regrew and I have had full head of healthy and well anchored hair for many years now. Mukunda