I cant discover historical past of alopecia areata. I searched in the internet and didnt locate anything at all. i require aid.?

Query by BIOBOY: I cant locate historical past of alopecia areata. I searched in the internet and didnt locate anything. i need aid.?
I searched almost everywhere in the web just to discover out ineffective junk about alopecia areata. I need to have something specific. Who found out Alopecia areata and when. I want particular histories. If you can, i require a site showing who found out this kind of a disease. NOT who experianced it or located it. I want the person that found alopecia areata 1st and WHEN, and and many others. Alongside with a lot more heritage details about alopecia areata. be sure to dont notify me to go to google and type” heritage of alopecia”. I all completely ready tried using it…

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Why did you post this in the most cancers area?

Anyway you can read about the background of alopecia areata on the following site. Web site also consists of references so you can stick to up by examining individuals out way too:

A short historical past of alopecia areata

“Despite the fact that Hippocrates first utilized the phrase alopecia (practically translated as “fox’s condition”), the traits of the hair loss disease we now know to be alopecia areata (AA) had been very first explained by Cornelius Celsus in 30 A.D. Celsus explained two types of alopecia. The initial he described as full baldness taking place in individuals of all ages. The second he known as “ophiasis”, which virtually translates as “snake”, due to the winding way the bald area spread throughout the pores and skin. He recommended ophiasis was only noticed in young children. Alopecia areata is often known as “area celsi” in tribute to Cornelius Celsus. Alopecia areata has been provided several diverse names in the course of heritage. Nonetheless, the genuine expression “alopecia areata” was initial employed by Sauvages in his “Nosologica Medica”, published in 1760 in Lyons, France. “

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