I Experienced ALOPECIA AND Got MY HAIR Back!

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21 thoughts on “I Experienced ALOPECIA AND Got MY HAIR Back!

  1. Dear molly, my 22 yrs old daughter has this problem one patch at the front
    top of her head. She has lost her hair since the age of 15. Her hair is
    thin throughout but if only that one patch could regrow it would really be
    a great deal for her. Can you please help with your advise on how she
    could get her hair back it would mean the world to me. thatk you kindly

  2. Your right about toxins, the people I work with suck down gallons of soda,
    eat doughnuts and chips, then off to Mcdonalds for lunch Everyday!!! I have
    never seen them eat any fruit or vegetables EVER…!! then we all wonder
    why we are fat and diseased…duh!! If your a guy and you eat healthy than
    they call you a fag!!

  3. really your life story will give self confident among thousands of
    people..some time i personally feel that if i lost hair only hair but
    after steroids and suppressants i will lose my masculinity and generation

  4. I know this vid was posted a while ago but that’s amazing your hair grew
    back. I’ve been bald since a year old to the present, I’m 21 now. And for
    the longest time I had high hopes my hair would grow back but to no luck.
    It took a long time to notice but I realized that I didn’t need hair to fit
    in I now have many friends I didn’t have in the past. I’m still curious as
    to how your hair grew back but hair or no hair doesn’t bother much at all
    anymore now that I’ve met better people.

  5. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. You should state that your methods
    in your book might not work for everyone, to avoid creating false hope. I
    also feel that putting the “ashamed” pic up was not the greatest idea –
    alopecia is not something to be ashamed of. I am a proud alopecia survivor.
    My immune system was sort of “reprogrammed” when I took 2 prescription
    medications together – when it “rebooted” itself, the follicles were placed
    into the “enemy” category. My immune system now is so strong that I am
    impervious to colds and the flu – haven’t caught either in almost 20 years,
    even when I have been around contagious people. I, personally, would not
    trade that awesome benefit for having my hair back. I will reiterate: the
    “ashamed” bit irritated me.

  6. Cute how if its a pretty girl with hair loss, everyone sympathizes. But if
    its a guy with hair loss, everyone laughs. You’re all disgusting scum.

  7. I have alopecia and it sucks I have it on my scalp, eyebrows, and facial
    hair. The steroid injections are best but everybody grows the hair back at
    different paces and it sometimes it doesn’t even work for some people its
    sucks cause the disease is unpredictable you never know when the
    inflammation in your hair will die or if it ever will.

  8. Im losing my hair and i don’t no what to do. I went to the dermatologist
    and nothing they have given me has worked. I need help.

  9. hiii molly i am suffering from this disease from past 14+ years and i m 19+
    right now…..pls help me out to cure it….

  10. I got patches of hair loss on my head specaily at sides and at the back. I
    got this patches i guess when i was 10-12 years old and i steel got today
    and i’m 19 now. I don’t know why my patches don’t get worse or better and I
    don’t know if any thing would help me beacuse i went doctors and they told
    they is nothing they can with it. I would realy be pleased if someone can
    help me something that would help me.

  11. hey molly i like the information and i am a female with hashimotto thyroid
    and no matter if i take hormone pills,all sorts of vitamins,many shampoos
    and conditioners,nothing seems to work my falling hair line.please help me
    along my hair struggles.what can i do to get my hair back.

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