I experienced got my hair accomplished and when i took it down i experienced a bald location in the middle of my head?

Query by Yana: I experienced obtained my hair completed and when i took it down i had a bald place in the center of my head?
It was puss and scabs and when i lastly washed it, it was just a bald spot, how can i get rid of it due to the fact i Dislike IT! so considerably, i experienced it for a prolonged time , can i get a shot or one thing to make it develop or some variety of hair solution? Please assist.

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Solution by Caity
If its a bald location, The hair will grow back by by itself…Ultimately

If its a scar on your head, Then the hair doesnt expand above the scar

The merchandise that *declare* to make your hair increase quickly is costly
Just use your hair in a ponytail to disguise the place

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