I had a extreme hair loss. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport ahead of I use for my increased reports?

Concern by : I had a significant hair decline. Do I need to have to adjust my Indian passport before I use for my larger scientific studies?
In 2009, when I got my Indian Passport, I was not bald. Now I experienced a severe hair decline and have long gone 50% bald and I want to cut the hair brief or shave it. There are no other considerable alterations. Missing my hair only. Do I need to apply for a new passport? Please support me.

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Response by ownpool
Telephone the passport workplace if you are in India or the consulate, embassy or higher fee if you are overseas and get an official answer.,

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  1. bohemiangypsy

    Technically, I don’t believe there is a law that requires you to apply for another passport simply due to hair loss. For that matter, the same would hold true for a person if they decided to dye their hair black from blonde.

    As long as you have adequate forms of additional identification, I don’t see why you should have to repeat the ardous process of reapplying for a passport.