I have a random bold spot on my head…?

Concern by nicole: I have a random daring place on my head…?
My mother seen that I have a bold place on my head. She stated she seen it a few times back but just told me about it today. Im questioning how I acquired it. I go through it could be Alopecia Areata.. but I will not know. A pair of months back my cat experienced a bold location too, do you think they could be the identical?

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Solution by ajith t
If you are under 25 many years aged and you don’t have any early baldness in your family the bald place you have could not be true baldness. It can be a fungal bite or triggered by some germ assault. Shampoo your hair effectively and therapeutic massage your scalp with olive oil. Then comb it and allow the olive oil stay in your scalp. Therapeutic massage that bald location with olive oil as significantly as time you can in a working day. It is good if you can frivolously shave that bald place and then massage with olive oil. The shaving will assist the oil take in more quickly. Do that for two-three months. Then quit shaving and just massage the bald place with olive oil. Also thoroughly clean your total home or at the very least your place. Thoroughly clean your cat with shampoo. You can apply olive oil to your cat as well. If you are in a nation the place Ayurvedic medicine offered check with them. They have some medicated oil for this kind of bald location. Do some Google investigation way too. You will get a lot more concepts.

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