I have a significant hair issue..aid?

Concern by Emily: I have a major hair difficulty..assist?
My title is Emily and I am a thirteen calendar year aged female turning fourteen quickly. I have this major hair problem, I believe Im turning bald. I have study about Androgenetic Alopecia, it is the most typical kind of hair loss in ladies. It can commence as early as puberty. It generally entails all round hair thinning relatively than location baldness, which is what I have now. What need to I do? I have experimented with viewing a doctor and he suggested me hair development tablets but it failed to seem to be to work. By the way, I have brief hair.

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Reply by maggie_at0303
See yet another doctor and get yet another opinio. It might be a symptom of one thing else. If the pills arent doing work, see someone else, before long.

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