I have alopecia, and am beginning to temporarily lose my hair in patches on my head. Really should I just shave it?

Issue by SonicsDad: I have alopecia, and am starting to briefly lose my hair in patches on my head. Must I just shave it?
Ideally my hair will eventually grow again. This will just be a short term shave if it does, but permanent if it does not. my hair lose is NOT male-sample baldness. I am just loosing the hair in dime or nickel sized patches. Correct now I have two patches missing.

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Response by [.perfection.]***
Properly it’s your selection
…But there is a opportunity it may not grow back again if you shave it.
About fifty% of alopecia clients hair will regrow in one particular year with out any treatment.
In 90% of the situations, the hair will increase back.
But the other 10% only some or no hair will regrow.

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