I have alopecia and frightened to get occupation?

Question by Twin: I have alopecia and terrified to get job?
I have alopecia. I am really cozy with sporting a hat.

Now im terrified to uncover me a task in the summertime in Orlando that will enable me to use hats.

What need to i do?

and in a job interview ought to i wear a hat or no.

Im chatting about a fast-meals occupation or a universal studio occupation.

Ideal solution:

Answer by oIl Kay lIo
Just explain to the firm about your symptom and they will possibly compromise a proper work for you or give you a idea on where else to go discover a work. It just isn’t that tough to admit it and it won’t make their opinions biased since as organizations, they are not allowed to reject workers since of their ailments or symptoms. If you dislike sporting hats, then you do not have to put on them in the course of the occupation or at the interview. Be tranquil and hope for the very best.

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