I have alopecia and have misplaced my eyebrows and eyelashes?

Query by LOL: I have alopecia and have missing my eyebrows and eyelashes?
What do I do? I come to feel completely hideous at times. I’m forced to dress in bangs,and they look horrible most of the time. It doesn’t even seem great. How do I seem far better? Or truly feel much better about how i look? It really is terrible. I’ve been produced exciting of so significantly. It will not really feel the best. IS there any way to make me search better?
BTW Alopecia is an automobile immune disease which kinda triggers you to shed your hair.

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Reply by Sandalwood
You can get your eyebrows tattooed on or just draw them on with an eyebrow pencil. A great deal of ladies do this for exciting. Act like you did it for trend. You can have on fake eyelashes way too. They market them at elegance deliver shops and most drug shops. If the hair on your head is thinning, you can try out hair extensions. The clip-on types do not destroy your hair.

This website also sells faux eyebrows that you adhere on. It really is a website for folks who are planning through chemotherapy. They promote wigs as nicely as phony eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and many others…

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