I have alopecia areata?

Concern by Alex: I have alopecia areata?
I am 28 year outdated man that has alopecia areata on the beard. Its now surfacing on my scalp. I get steroid injections and use a topical product. Any other men undergo from this on the beard? If so did your hair grow back again? How lengthy did it just take? Did it go totalis? I truly dislike it and was pondering also if any person experimented with other therapies.

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Response by She It I do
Just to enable you know some 1 does know what it is

It is like bare places in the again lawn lawn but not on the grass

And I can only notify you what I have witnessed with the gentlemen I know who have it
.. ..
They shave their heads bald and it seems good if you have a smooth scalp line in again
.. ..
And never go an say it is not hot to the girls possibly they seem at the gentleman not the hair feel of some film stars who don’t have a blade of grass on prime

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