I have alopecia areata?

Question by Douglas: I have alopecia areata?
I have had alopecia areata at any time considering that I was 2. I have been heading to a skin doctor because. I have had injections, lotions, every little thing out their! My doctor is running out of things to consider. What can I do? Every body at my school tends to make enjoyable of me and I only have close to 5 actual pals. I will be going to substantial college following calendar year and i’m genuinely anxious about it all. Is their something that I can do?
i go to a skin doctor routinely

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There are oral prescription drugs that can assist. They are immune suppressants and not without risk. Azithioprine is one I believe. Take into account seeing a dermatologist who specializes in hair if your doc is not prepared to prescribe. If woman take into account a wig, if male think about shaving.

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