I have alopecia areata and I have some questions…?

Question by Often Right: I have alopecia areata and I have some inquiries…?
The alopecia generally impacts my beard and facial hair along with bald patches through my scalp. I have a topical steriod that I need to implement as soon as or twice a day and that will aid on my scalp, after about 6 months. Is there a far more successful way to tackle the patches on my encounter and head that anyone is familiar with of? What about for my experience specifically given that I do answer to the steroid on my head? Also, does anybody have any new news on why alopecia even will start or is it still a mystery?

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Solution by MissyOz
There is no treatment which can provide a total cure for significant Alopecia Areata. A multifaceted technique has included the use of irritants such as dithranol and systemic steroids. Treatment method with immune enhancers is sometimes useful but can cause unpleasant side-consequences. Topical Minoxidil with or without oral steroids for short periods has been used. Cyclosporin might have dramatic effects but they are usually temporary. In selecting how to handle Alopecia Areata, the age of onset and severity are important aspects.

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