i have alopecia areata given that ive had it my scalp receives itchy and burns weather conditions i wash it or notwhat do i do?

Problem by Renee: i have alopecia areata given that ive experienced it my scalp gets itchy and burns weather i clean it or notwhat do i do?
it is the second time for me as shortly as my hair grew again i identified 2 new patches the rest of my hair is really thick and lengthy ive been making use of natural and organic shampoos due to the fact they dont react as poor but they make my hair incredibly fuzzy if i go away my hair to get oily it commences to melt away a whole lot worse i have also had mrsa could that be associated

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Answer by krazykritik
Sounds far more like a pores and skin/scalp situation than alopecia areata, which will not typically have those signs and symptoms. If it is itching, you may have dandruff, seborrhoea, psoriasis, or even a pores and skin parasite.
Go to the pharmacist who can mix you an acceptable batch of medicine and propose an anti-itch shampoo.
Have you had your thyroid checked for hormonal imbalances? Are you on the tablet? (this is what triggered it in my ex-wife)
Have you deemed acquiring steroid injections in the areas? My ex-wife experienced it fairly bad and soon immediately after she commenced a short-term regimen of injections by her dermatologist, it obtained far better swiftly.
Are you even seeing a dermatologist? If not, commence there.

God Bless and I want you the finest with this challenging problem.

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