I have Alopecia Areata will my hair develop back to regular?

Issue by Juan F: I have Alopecia Areata will my hair increase back to regular?
I have alopecia areata, my hair fell out throughout the summertime. My hair only fell from the again of my head but lately there is minor hair developing i can not see the new hair increasing but i could truly feel it with my finger. Will this new hair expand again to regular like the rest of my head? By the way my hair fell out when i was 21yrs outdated but now im 22yrs previous. Just throwing in my age if it issues. Also there is no family members historical past of this problem additionally this is the very first time i have experience this condition.

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Answer by ToasterStrudl
Hair generally will not likely expand again earlier peach fuzz. Despite the fact that I located this internet site that suggests medicine that could support it develop back a lot more, even though it will not remedy you, or stop your hair from ever slipping out once more, It might or may possibly not perform. But there is loads of information out there and I am certain your medical professionals could notify you much more. The website is under sources.

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