I have alopecia areata?

Issue by Alex: I have alopecia areata?
I am 28 year outdated dude that has alopecia areata on the beard. Its now surfacing on my scalp. I get steroid injections and use a topical cream. Any other men endure from this on the beard? If so did your hair grow back again? How prolonged did it take? Did it go totalis? I really dislike it and was wondering also if any person tried other treatment options.

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Response by wizzard
Check out out the photos in the site under, if its similar then it must be Alopecia Areata.

My bro managed to uncover a site known as http://www.ALOPECIA-AREATA-Remedy.com when he experienced the same difficulty that explains about the condition and indicates treatment. He gave it a try out and to all our surprise he recovered.

Its rather informative. You may well want to give it a consider. Would like you a quick restoration.

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