I have alopecia……. my story and some concerns:/?

Question by : I have alopecia……. my tale and some inquiries:/?
Hey my title is Brooke and I have alopecia areata. I am fifteen many years aged and a sophomore in substantial university. I was identified when I was 13 and I was devastated when I 1st discovered out and I was so baffled seince then I have had extensions, wigs, and now i have what is basically a weave. Quite handful of men and women know I have it trigger I try to preserve concealed so nicely. Alopecia is unusual but most men and women that have it are african ladies twenty+ effectively i am white colored and fifteen so i had about a 2% opportunity of getting it.Properly I have questions for individuals who dont have alopecia….
one.Would you day someone with Alopecia?
two.Would you be pals with an individual with Alopecia?
three.Would you stare at a person with Alopecia?
four.Do you know anyone with Alopecia?
5.What do you know about Alopecia?
6.If you had Alopecia would you hid it or allow men and women know you had it?
7. What would you say to a person with Alopecia?
Many thanks please solution Honestly:) I have had a hard time with it even though not many people know about it. My thick prolonged hair is now super skinny and abut shoulder length and concealed underneath a weave. I have to get over one hundred+ pictures of steriods in my head each and every few months, choose tablets, use particular shampoo, wierd steriod cream gell stuff, and so much much more. This man I had a massive crush on one particular day caught a glimps of one of my bald spots when I flipped my hair 1 day then asked me if I was going by way of cemo I almost burst out crying proper there. So people like me go through so a lot crap and no 1 really cares.
XOXO, Brooke:)

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Response by Hannah!
1. properly i dont know…probably if he was super cute..? and had a excellent personality
2. sure of training course why not?
3. i dont know, like i possibly would at initial but its not the correct issue to decide individuals by there apperance
4. no i dont know any person with it
five. not truly a lot besides that you eliminate your hair or a thing like that?
six. i would most likely be devastated and try to hide it i guess?
seven. im so sorry ? i dont know..?
hope i helped:)

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