I have alopecia ‘n I need to have hair trimmed ‘cus of break up finishes.?

Query by Me: I have alopecia ‘n I want hair trimmed ‘cus of break up ends.?
My hair’s mostly bald at the whole prime of my head. I noticed a physician ’bout my hair, explained it was alopecia. It’s growin’ again now. Falls out as soon as in a although, not much. I can protect it up very easily now, ‘n it’s not that noticable, in any case. Not the difficulty, even though.

My hair’s midsection duration ‘n I have at minimum an inch ‘n a half of break up finishes.
I’m concerned, when I get it reduce, they’ll inquire ’bout it ‘n get grossed out (I experienced a boyfriend dump me ‘cus my he found out ’bout my hair).

My mother’s tryin’ to get her cousin or co-worker to trim my hair considering that they utilized to be/are hair dressers.

Must I just hold out for them to trim it, or what should I do if I get it minimize skillfully?

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Answer by Hikarii <333
Oh, hun, just screw their view.

If they is not going to minimize it, go somewhere else!

It is your money they want in any case.


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